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In Mark Scruggs 36 year career, he has earned a reputation amongst his clients and peers as a Lawyer who will set professional relationships aside and fight for every client.  With an unrivaled passion to win, and a high ethical standard, he takes the same competitive approach to every case.  Mark Scruggs is a respected, knowledgable and diligent Attorney who has a record of obtaining successful outcomes for his clients.

When the outcome of your situation truly matters, do your research and find out what the Lawyer is known for.

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Criminal Defense


Best Attorney Nashville, Mark Scruggs

A true criminal defense attorney can be hard to find. When charged with a serious crime, finding the right Lawyer can be a confusing process.

A criminal charge can have a serious effect on your life and reputation. Hiring the best attorney can make all the difference.

Mark Scruggs is a proven trial attorney that has a reputation amongst his colleagues as a fierce lawyer.

Best Attorney Nashville Mark Scruggs

Mark is known for not telling his clients what they want to hear. By being honest with his clients they are able to form a good defense.

If you are looking for the Best attorney Nashville, look no further. Mark Scruggs is the Best attorney Nashville.

Marks Scruggs handles all areas of criminal defense.

DUI Best Attorney Nashville

Criminal Defense Best Attorney Nashville

Drug Possession Best Attorney Nashville

Violent Crimes Best Attorney Nashville

Best Attorney Nashville Mark Scruggs Court

Being in the court room can be hard. Your future is up in the air and your only comfort is your attorney.

Hire the right one from the beginning. It is hard for any one to be charged with a crime. One does not know what is to come next.

Your love ones can be effected. hire the right defense and know that it is in the right hands.

People are false cause all the time. DA's do not look at case files any more. They just pass it on until they have to.

Best Attorney Nashville Mark Scruggs Criminal

Thats where a good attorney comes in. When DA's see Mark Scruggs is your defense, they know they have a fight on their hands.

Mark is known as one who will not miss things and will see it to the end.

Try to look at the way our system works. It is to full for any one to do the right thing. A charge is like cattle to a DA.

Get the right Attorney and this all changes. Get the Best Attorney Nashville. Do not listen to a sales pitch.

Find out what each one has done not what they say they can do. Some ones track record is everything.

Best Attorney Nashville, Mark Scruggs

Is this the way we need to go? Why is this way so hard?

When you are here you need the best on your side.

Mark Scruggs is the one you need in this time of need.

Do not try to do this on your own. Call Mark Scruggs.

Mark has been in this for many years. His way has been proven to be the best for all his clients.

You need some one you can trust. One who is in it for the long haul.

Mark has tried many public cases and is known amongst his peers as a tough lawyer.

Do not look around for a good defense, call Mark Scruggs first. Many ask why they are in this spot. It can happen to anyone.

Many times the police are not aware of laws and make mistakes. Mark is one who can spot this and help with all.

To be on the win side, one must have the right defense. Not one that is in it to play.

Get a battle tested one who can give you the best shot. Do not try it on your own. Make the call today.


How To Choose The Right Lawyer?

With over 1000 lawyers in any given city, how does one find the right attorney that is best for their situation. All attorneys claim to be great, tough, diligent for their clients.

Many Third party sources rank attorney based on what they are willing to pay. This only adds to the difficulty.

The real question is which attorney would those lawyers call if they found themselves in need of legal cousel.

How to choose and attorney

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Drug Crimes









Accessibility. Guidance. Support...When you need it.

"We want to be available in our clients time of need, not just during office hours. At any time, 24 hours a day-7 days a week, our clients can text our office number and get an actual person from our Firm, not a third party service. "

-Mark C.Scruggs


Trial Experience

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Holder

To mount a proper criminal defense, all the elements of a case must be collected and organized. Once all the pieces of the puzzle are present, a thorough game plan is laid out to deliver the best possible outcome. Experience,preparation, and attention to detail is key in serious matters such as these.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Holder

Mark Scruggs Law Firm is a top rated, Nashville personal injury law firm, that helps victims of accidents get the compensation they deserve. Our team of trial lawyers has over 75 years of combined experience, fighting on behalf of victims all over the state of Tennessee.

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Holder

When individuals and businesses are the center or a lawsuit, the attorneys at Mark Scruggs Law provide skilled and experienced representation. Our legal defense team has successfully represented clients in all facets in the Civil arena on both the state and federal level.

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Construction Law

Construction Holder

Construction cases require experience and familiarity with all aspects of a project and the contracts that guide them. As leading litigators in Tennessee construction cases, our mission is to protect your rights and utilize our team of experts along with a proven formula.

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Mark Scruggs Knows How To Win. And He's Been Doing It For A Long Time.

When it comes to critical cases, experience and talent can mean the difference between a favorable outcome for you and one that has lasting effects on your reputation.

Understanding all of the elements of a complex case requires an exhaustive investigation of the evidence and a familiarity with the process, pitfalls, and procedures.  Mark Scruggs has represented clients in these type cases for over 35 years and knows how to put clients on the right track. He has dealt with the complexities of high profile cases in both criminal and civil venues.

Mark Scruggs  has earned a reputation as a top trail attorney in Middle Tennessee through hard work and a fierce desire to obtain the best outcome possible for every client.

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