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Mark Scruggs, Criminal Trial Attorney

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The best way to show how customers feel about Mark Scruggs service is Testimonials.


Mr. Scruggs thrives on getting his clients results they are looking for.  Not every case is an acquittal but can have good results.

Clients have many things they are concerned with in all cases.  Mr. Scruggs looks at all concerns and does what is best for the client.

Finding an attorney that still handles the actual case himself is rare in todays courts.  Mark Scruggs not only talks to the client but goes to court for you.

Listen to our past clients and rest assured in your most difficult time of your life.

Call Mark Scruggs Today. 

Testimonials Mark Scruggs


Customers rave about Mark and his service.  A great attorney looks at his clients best interest at all times.

They do not close cases as fat as possible to get them over with.  A good lawyer treats every client as their friend.

Always looking for the best results.  This is why all Marks clients will never hire anyone else.  They call Mark for all their needs.

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