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Practice Areas Mark Scruggs services are all through Tennessee.  From North to South, we help all our clients with the defense they need.

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For more serious Crimes we travel across the state.  Arson, for example, is a crime that requires the right defense.

Mark Scruggs has 35 years defending those who nee it most.  If you are looking to hire the best person, call Mark Scruggs.

Trying to handle these type things yourself can be a tall order.  Many do not know how the court room works and will be taken advantage of.

You need a good attorney to help you though these times. Being convicted of a crime can stay on your record forever if not handled correctly.

Get a good attorney to negotiate the best result.  Look over our Practice Areas to see if Mark can help you.

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Get the best attorney to help you though your time of need. Call Mark Scruggs today!

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